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What is love?

I need your help Tumblr!

Okay guys, so I’m thinking of making this video for UKM, and I need your help!

The video is in two parts. 

Part 1 will be people from different parts of the world (or from as many different countries/ethical groups as possible) explaining what they think love is. This can be in a poetical way, in a few simple words, you can quote famous people (for example: “as Shakespeare would say..” or “in the words of Oscar Wilde..”), you can scream, sing, roar… Note: it doesn’t have to be in English! As long as you add English subtitles (Google translate language fine, we just need to know what you mean!), you can speak in whatever language and dialect you please. And there is no “wrong” answer. I would like if all the videos are positive about love, but if you feel like saying for example “Love is the hardest, most excruciating thing you have to go through in life”, I’ll accept that just as much as I’ll accept “Love is the best thing in the world”. Part 1 is open for anybody, you do not need to have a boyfriend/girlfriend for this part. You can also talk about love not just in a kissy-kissy-goo-goo-eyes way, but also in an I-love-my-family or I-love-my-best-friend or hell, I-love-my-dog type of way. 

Part 2 is going to be people with their other halves doing whatever they feel like. The only rule here is no violence or sex (clothes on please people). Any sexual orientation is welcome, as is any age (yes, I mean any age). 

There will be no quality control on videos. Also, it’s not mandatory that you show your face in part 1, in which case there will be pictures showing while you talk (submit as many as you want of anything that you think goes under the category “love”). And remember: I want a lot of people and a lot of footage, so you most likely won’t be on camera for very long (let’s say clips will be max 20 seconds long), so get what you want to say into as few a words as possible, and kiss the hell outta your girl/boyfriend!

I already have a music track picked out, so you guys don’t have to think about that!

To submit you can either send me a link to the video(s) (upload it to a place of your choosing online) via message on tumblr (to my url please: OR send your video/link to this email: (this is not my personal email address..) Remember in emails to add your tumblr/youtube name if you want it shown on the video (the finished result will be public on youtube as well as being shown at UKM). Also, any requests or changes you would like done, or parts of the videos you would especially like to be shown must be written in the message/email.

So just to sum things up:

  • Part 1: tell me what you think love is (video)
  • Part 2: show me what you feel love is (video)
  • Any pictures you feel suit the concept (for any clips that don’t show faces)
  • Email or message your video(s)/picture(s)
  • Doesn’t have to be in English (subtitles required)
  • No age limit
  • Any sexual orientation
  • Have fun!

Have I forgotten anything? Send me a message with questions etc.!

Deadline: 10th January

And one last thing: TELL PEOPLE! Like I said, I need a lot of footage, so if you know someone who would be interested, send ‘em a message (and reblog this even if you don’t want to be in it yourself, so other people can see!)